Facial Rejuvenation

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Collagen & Facial Rejuvenation

Mosaic Fractional Skin Resurfacing - this provides total skin rejuvenation to remedy sun damage on fair skin - smoothe out fine lines and wrinkles - improve skin tone and elasticity and treat scars.

Our Mosaic machine targets minute sections of the skin penetrating just deep enough to stimulate significant collagen renewal, while the surrounding non-affected areas aid the body's natural recovery process, for dramatic results without significant down time.

Mosaic treatment is suitable for most lighter skins and highly recommended for individuals wanting a brighter, more even skin tone, smoother skin texture with improved skin elasticity, a reduction of wrinkles, reduced pore size and improvement to scars both large and small.

Established for over 25 years. We are specialists in permanent hair removal, skin tags, thread veins, milia and much more.

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First of all, if a large area is to be treated, a cream is applied to help reduce the sensation of a very warm beam of light, which is concentrated onto the skin causing massive skin renewal beneath the surface and collagen remodelling. The skin will be tender for at least a day and in some people this may result in swelling which can take up to 3 days to return to normal, this is all part of the skin healing process.  If full face is being treated we allow 2 hours for you to be in the clinic.

This will depend on just how large the area is to be treated. Prices start from £50 per treatment for a small area.

The Mosaic treatment is the step before surgery to improve and refresh your skin. It smoothes fine line and wrinkles renewing collagen naturally without surgery or injections. It is also used for scar tissue, in particular, acne scarring and superficial scarring of any kind. Janice carries out this treatment and has been using this machine for a long time now with great results!