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    Janice - Janice's Electrolysis Clinic
    Permanent Hair Removal using Electrolysis
    & Laser (IPL) Plus Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
    for Skin Tags, Warts, Thread Veins,
    Seborrhoeic Keratosis and much more.

    One of the most frequent comments heard "If only I had come here first,
    the results are amazing even after only one or two treatments I have
    regained my confidence and feel a happier person."

    Janice has over 25 years experience of Electrolysis, which still remains the only
    100% effective method approved by the FDA for treating unwanted hair.
    Electrolysis done correctly eliminates all unwanted hair, PERMANENTLY.

Permanent Hair Removal

A consultation is carried out free of charge to establish whether you are a possible candidate for treatment. At the consultation we also assess the area to be treated and discuss price of treatments for that area, after deciding which treatment (if any) to progress with...

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