Skin Tags

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Skin Tags

Skin tags are common skin growths which resemble a small piece of soft, hanging skin.  The attachment size is usually smaller than the body of the tags.  Individual or numerous, they can be the size of a pin head to a marble or larger.  Electrolysis (Advanced) is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treatment.  Skin tags are viral in nature and whilst not infectious they do seem to spread on certain individuals.  Skin tags are commonly found in areas of friction for example around the neck, under the arms, or on the chest back or under the breast area. 

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Treatment is carried out with a fine microprobe which heats the skin, drying and cauterising so the blood supply to the tag is stopped.  Some, or all the tag will come away at the time of treatment.  If the area is not smooth at a 6 week interval then, for no charge, you can visit the clinic for a quick finalisation of treatment.

Cost will depend on the quantity of skin tags - a free consultation will be carried out to assess the area prior to treatment.

Our treatment is quick and effective.  It is not cryosurgery or a slice to the skin. It is short wave diathermy.
This process cauterises the tag and will leave the area smoothe either immediately or within a short period of time.  There is no downtime for this treatment, you can return to your normal daily life immediately.