Hair Removal

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Electrolysis Hair Removal


Before any treatment commences you’ll be given an initial one to one hair removal consultation. This fully confidential and sympathetic meeting will ensure that you get the best possible treatment to suit your own individual requirements.

This information, help and professional advice can prove priceless, call 01708 72 72 39 today.

Hair is made up from a shaft and a root. The hair on your skin is the shaft, the hair you cannot see is the root as it is buried in the skin. At the lower end of this root is a swelling called the hair bulb. This is surrounded by a socket called a hair follicle. The hair grows up from the root and emerges from the skin. On all parts of the body, whether you are male or female, you can be embarrassed by what you feel to be unnecessary and unwanted hair. Many people like to have smooth skin and a hair free body all over.

Women, in particular from no fault of their own, suffering with polycystic ovaries are particularly prone to having excess hair. Sometimes it is not appearance but performance that dictates that you need to remove unwanted hair. For instance if you are a sportsperson, a swimmer, runner, or cyclist, you may be able to increase your speed by having a smooth surface which gives less resistance. Increased times in sport nowadays, are measured in microseconds.

Contact the Janice's Electrolyisis Clinic on 01708 72 72 39.

In this initial meeting you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your own individual requirements with a fully qualified hair removal professional. They’ll then advise you on the very best course of action for your own unique circumstances. Don’t trust your treatment to any one else.

Janice has over 30 years experience so you know you’ll be in the very safest of hands.


Electrolysis is the most effective for treatment of small areas or for dark, grey or white hairs or if your skin is tanned or if you’re unwilling to let your hairs come to the surface – something that some people find very difficult.