Epilight (IPL) Hair Removal

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IPL Epilight Hair Removal

What is Epilight IPL Hair Removal?

Often referred to as 'The Rolls Royce' of the hair removal. Epilight is a non-invasive light therapy treatment specifically designed to offer approximately 85% permanent hair removal from all parts of the body.

The Epilight IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) system uses light in the visible spectrum (white light). We do not use infra-red or ultra-violet light. Our systems mean that we can change the intensity and colour of the light for each person. So your treatment will be designed especially for your skin type and hair colour – a personalised hair removal treatment.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart… to you Janice and your wonderful assistant. I’m finally hair free. Best money ever spent.”

How does Epilight IPL remove hair?

It generates intense pulsed light that safely heats and disables hair follicles causing the destruction of the cells which allow the hair to grow.

Can all hair colours and all parts of the body be treated?

Epilight’s unique IPL design enables it to provide customised treatment that can safely remove unwanted hair from most parts of the body apart from grey and white hairs. (The only way to treat grey or white hairs permanently is with electrolysis and this must be carried out by an expert to give fast and effective results).

What is the treatment like?

When the Epilight is used there may be a mild sting, like a rubber band flicked onto the skin. No local anaesthetic or pain medication is needed. Getting to the source of the problem, the hair follicle, solves your unwanted hair problems.

“I arrived at your clinic very distressed, embarrassed and upset about my problem. I spoke with Janice who was so sympathetic, kind and reassuring. I felt a huge sigh of relief speaking about my problem at long last after many years of trying to conceal it. Janice began treatment on the area and I have never looked back. I have regained my confidence and feel a happier person. I just wish that I had started Epilight treatment sooner.”

How many treatments are required?

This varies depending on the hair colour, texture and location of the body. Epilight IPL is carried out only once every six weeks for upper lip hair and once every ten weeks for the face. This is because when the treatment is carried out correctly there is no hair at the surface during that period of time meaning that the treatment is working properly. If hair is still present Janice or Diane to check progress and, if necessary, treat free of charge. We have heard of many people being told that they need monthly or even weekly treatments and that if the treatment is done correctly, is just not true. We have even heard of people paying for courses of treatment and at the end of the course when questioned why it hasn’t worked have been told it is probably their hormones, or the fact that the hair is white!! Totally incorrect!

White hair can only be treated permanently by electrolysis as there is no pigment present to be absorbed by the light and heat to make it work. If white hair is to be removed permanently the only way it can be done is with electrolysis. That is why most clinics fail to give the required results.

Are there any side effects?

Short term side-effects may include a reddening of the skin which lasts a few days. In rare instances there may be some blistering. But our customers say it is well worth the inconvenience to get rid of their unwanted hair.

Are there any restrictions on my activities after Epilight IPL treatment?

No. You can return to work immediately but should avoid exposure of the treated area to the sun, which is always a good idea.

How is Epilight hair removal different to laser hair removal?

It is a non-invasive treatment which, by using different filters and pulses makes it very flexible in customising the settings required from each individual.  This enables the heat to destroy even deep rooted hair.  This treatment is also safe and effective for Asian and darker skin colouring.  We have worked with many Asian clients and have a lot of experience in this area.  The Epilight IPL hair removal system is also suitable for black skin.  The young Asian woman in the picture above, who suffers from PCOS has had 6 Epilight IPL hair removal treatments, 10 weeks apart.

How much does Epilight cost?

This is usually the first question people ask when making an enquiry.  Prices start from just £10 per week but the price can be influenced by questions like:-

  1. Which part of the body would you like to have treated?
  2. Is the hair coarse or fine? Coarser hairs respond more effectively with Epilight, finer hairs can take longer or need alternative treatment.
  3. Is the hair dark or light in colour? (Lighter hairs may need more treatments)
  4. Is the hair dense or sparse (if only sparse, then maybe electrolysis will be a more cost effective alternative.
  5. Is any of the hair to be treated Grey or white? (In which case only electrolysis will clear these hairs so maybe more than one method of treatment is required in a specific area – both can be done in one area but not on the same day).

A consultation is carried out FREE OF CHARGE to establish whether you are a possible candidate for treatment (some people cannot proceed with treatment at all, for example if you suffer from Keloid scarring or certain other medical conditions such as problems that cause skin sensitivity.  During consultation we will try to establish the reason for the hair growth (i.e. medical polycystic ovaries, or thyroid or other conditions, or cosmetic reasons) and discuss your expectation of the result of the treatments.  For example, some medications can cause hair growth, some medication can decrease hair growth.

At the consultation we also assess the area to be treated and discuss price of treatments for that area, after deciding which treatment (if any) to progress with.  Our prices are by no means the cheapest and certainly more expensive than laser hair removal, but we work on the quality of the treatment and service and we ask you to return to us within a certain amount of time (free of charge) for us to make sure that the treatment has been totally as we expect and as was explained to you during consultation.

Call Janice's Electrolysis Clinic on 01708 727239.  We will then set up an initial consultation. At this consultation your individual requirements will be assessed with complete sympathy and confidentiality.

You don’t need Harley Street, London when you can get exactly the same treatment locally! Don’t trust your unwanted hair growth issues with anyone else.


The really great news is that you don’t have to make the decision which treatment (or combination of treatments) is best for you! Before any treatment commences you’ll be given an initial one to one hair removal consultation. This fully confidential and sympathetic meeting will ensure that you get the best possible treatment to suit your own individual requirements.

This information, help and professional advice can prove priceless. However, in many cases, this can be provided free of charge. To see if you qualify call 01708 72 72 39 today.

Hair is made up from a shaft and a root. The hair on your skin is the shaft, the hair you cannot see is the root as it is buried in the skin. At the lower end of this root is a swelling called the hair bulb. This is surrounded by a socket called a hair follicle. The hair grows up from the root and emerges from the skin. On all parts of the body, whether you are male or female, you can be embarrassed by what you feel to be unnecessary and unwanted hair. Many people like to have smooth skin and a hair free body all over.

Women, in particular from no fault of their own, suffering with polycystic ovaries are particularly prone to having excess hair. Sometimes it is not appearance but performance that dictates that you need to remove unwanted hair. For instance if you are a sportsperson, a swimmer, runner, or cyclist, you may be able to increase your speed by having a smooth surface which gives less resistance. Increased times in sport nowadays, are measured in microseconds.

Contact the Janice's Electrolyisis Clinic on 01708 72 72 39 and book in for your initial FREE professional one to one consultation. In this initial meeting you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your own individual requirements with a fully qualified hair removal professional. They’ll then advise you on the very best course of action for your own unique circumstances. Don’t trust your treatment to anyone else. Call the Diane Matthews Clinic toda

Janice's Electrolysis Clinic offers two main solutions for hair removal. Epilight IPL hair removal and Electrolysis. Janice has over 25 years experience so you know you’ll be in the very safest of hands.


IPL Epilight is intense pulsed light which is virtually painless (feels like the flick of an elastic band) and is probably the most effective treatment for most types of skin and hair colour. Often this achieves 100% clearance in the very long term. Epilight hair removal can start for as little as £10 per week.


Electrolysis is the most effective for treatment of small areas or for grey or white hairs or if your skin is tanned or if you’re unwilling to let your hairs come to the surface – something that some people find very difficult.