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Electrolysis for Black hair, White hair, Fair hair and Red hair

Did you know?

Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years, discovered in 1875 by Dr Charles E. Michel a St Louis ophthalmologist for the removal of ingrown eyelashes.

What is Electrolysis?

Superfluous body and facial hair, although quite natural, is a problem for many women, and its removal is the most popular beauty service today. Electrolysis is a proven method of permanent hair removal, and it involves the insertion of a fine probe into the follicle to the root. A mild current is then passed down the needle to the tip to cauterise the hair root, enabling the hair to be withdrawn without plucking. This only takes a few seconds.

What caused unwanted hair growth?

Hair growth is often traced to hereditary factors, and sometimes stress and certain illnesses can stimulate growth. In addition some temporary methods of hair removal, certain drugs and medications, or just the hormonal changes at different stages in life (i.e. Start of periods, contraceptive pill, pregnancy and menopause) can all affect hair growth. Some medical conditions can also cause unwanted hair.

Can it be performed on any part of the body?

The areas where superfluous hair can become a problem, and which are suitable for treatment are facial areas, upper lip, chin, cheeks, neck, sides of face, low hair line, thick eyebrows, between the brows, eyebrow shaping, arms, underarms, between the breasts, around the nipples, legs, thighs, bikini line, abdomen, back and shoulders, fingers and toes. Very sensitive areas such as inside the nostril, inside the ears, on the lip, and eyelids are not usually treated.

Will you need to know anything about me?

The initial consultation is always an important part of the treatment procedure. The information required will be: the area you would like worked on, type of hair growth on other parts of the body, if the hair has been previously removed by plucking or other methods of temporary removal, and if treatment has been carried out at any time by a clinic.

Age and general health questions will be asked, and if there are any medical problems, or whether recent illness has required medication. It will also be necessary to know if you are sensitive to the sun or any particular products.

How will it feel?

The treatment is not generally painful although there may be some slight discomfort and occasionally a feeling of heat in the area for a short time. There may also be a slight redness, which will only last a few hours. Specially formulated soothing lotions are advisable for use after treatment.

How long will it take?

Everyone is different and for this reason, it is essential to have a full consultation prior to your treatment programme. Many people believe that the hair never grows back after only one treatment. This belief is actually incorrect. The results of the treatment are progressive. This means that after each treatment the hair grows back finer, taking longer to return, until eventually it doesn’t grow back at all. (Usually 3-4 treatments on each hair are needed).

If the hairs have previously been removed by plucking or other methods, the growth will be much stronger, as the follicles will have been stimulated, and will require more electrolysis treatments that untreated growth. Depending on the size of the area requiring treatment, and also the strength and maturity of the hair growth, this will determine the expected length of time your treatment programme will take. Your electrologist will be able to give you an approximate estimate at your consultation, but will have a much clearer idea after your treatment plan has started, as she will then be able to monitor your response to the treatment. Up to 2 years is a general guidance.

Is it safe?

The treatment is approved by the medical profession and has been available for over 100 years. We always use Sterile Disposable Probes recommended by the Public Health Laboratory Service.

The individually packed probes remain sealed and sterile until opened for your treatment.

After the treatment the probe is disposed of immediately. Using this method every client has a new sterile probe for treatment.

What will it cost?

The cost of treatments is worked out in units of time from 15 minutes to an hour. When considering the cost of treatments remember how much time and money you spend in a lifetime’s pursuit of hair removal by temporary methods.

Will I have to take any precautions after treatment?

Avoid sitting in the sun or having a sunbed session for at least 24 hours after treatment. An aftercare lotion is used on the treated area to soothe any heat reaction.

It is advisable not to cleanse the area with soap but to gently rinse with warm water. Make-up should be avoided until the day after the treatment, but if this is not possible your electrologist will advise you on the use of a tinted aftercare lotion.

Where can I have Electrolysis treatment?

Right here! To book your FREE consultation, call us now on 01708 727239.

Why Choose Us?

A tiny probe (about the size of an eyelash) is the vehicle through which a burst of energy (DC or AC) is released into or onto the blemish depending on the procedure. Generally this has the result of cauterisation or coagulation on skin tissue and produces fast effective results. Your electrolysis specialist will advise of the exact treatment technique for each blemish and guide you step by step through the procedure and the aftercare involved. Repeat treatment may be required for some procedures.

The treated blemish will not return but others may occur depending on the root cause. Your electrolysis specialist will advise you during consultation.

Electrolysis treatments are safe and effective and offer instantaneous results in many cases. Length of treatment very much depends on the problem and your electrolysis specialist will advise you of this. The area must not be overtreated and your skin reactivity will be taken into account. Spacing technique and treatment intervals will be carefully considered in a treatment plan by the professional as well as taking into account your requirements, needs and wishes.

The method chosen will be determined by the blemish(es), condition of the skin, client compatibility and equipment.

Each procedure is different and every individual has varying pain thresholds. A number of factors can affect pain thresholds e.g. area to be treated, tiredness, medication, stress, menstruation etc. A slight stinging or short pin-prick sensation is usually experienced for most procedures but with such fast pleasing results attained most people are very positive about the experience.

You pay for the length of time you are treated with a minimum of 15 minutes costing £28 per session. Please note that we are able to treat a lot of hair in this time. Tel: 01708 72 72 39