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Milia are small white hard spots which live very superficially under the skin. They usually appear around the eyes, cheeks and eyelids and are a blockage. The blockage is a protein called keratin which hardens. They are unsightly and become bothersome when multiple. 

Our Advanced Cosmetic Procedure using short-wave diathermy is a safe, effective and quick method of treating Milia. 

The exact cause is unknown but they are often related to a high cholesterol diet, dry dehydrated skin, high intake of vitamin C, using products on the face which are too rich or acidic and there is possibly a heredity link.

The tip of a small probe (about the size of an eyelash) is inserted into the centre of the Milia. A small stinging sensation will be felt and popping sensation may be experienced as the Milia is treated.

If you are considering Milia removal, please call us to arrange to discuss your options - 01708 72 72 39. 

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