Laser Hair Removal in Essex

Janice's Electroylsis Clinic Essex under arm hair removal before after
Janice's Electroylsis Clinic Essex under arm hair removal before after


The Alternative to Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Essex

There’s a lot of conflicting information around the subject of laser hair removal in Essex, which makes it confusing when trying to figure out the most effective and ideal treatment. Despite all the praise laser hair removal has been getting over the years, the people of Essex are often surprised to discover that it may not be the best hair removal treatment for them, particularly when considering it is a temporary solution that only works well for dark facial or body hair and requires multiple sessions to work.

Much better and permanent alternatives include Electrolysis, which eliminates unwanted hair follicles in just one session and is suitable for all skin and hair types, including Asian and Black skin. 

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Electrolysis for Removing Hair is an Underrated Treatment

Undesirable hair growth is a hard-pressing issue that not only affects women but also men of all ages within the UK. Many are quick to turn to laser hair removal in Essex even though they are often unaware that the procedure is not permanent and may see them dealing with certain side effects, such as permanent changes in skin colour, blisters and burns, scarring and an increased risk of skin infection.

When looking for a safer and permanent way to remove undesirable hair from the face or body then there is no better procedure than Electrolysis to accurately target each hair follicle and provide guaranteed results for all skin colours and hair types. Janice’s Electrolysis Clinic has over 25 years experience in Electrolysis so we are able to work skilfully and quickly to achieve your desired results.

Understanding Electrolysis

Electrolysis is not only an accomplished alternative to the harmful yet temporary effects of laser hair removal, but is also the only method approved by the FDA as 100 per cent effective for permanent hair removal.

Using a fine probe inserted into the hair follicle, the process of Electrolysis zaps hair at the root with an electrical short wave diathermy current. It takes skill and expertise over several treatments for results, but when done correctly this method works for all hair and skin types and is a very reliable and safe way of permanently removing facial and body hair.

The only disadvantage is that it takes longer to cover large areas, as each individual hair needs to be treated, so for women suffering from polycystic ovaries who may have full dark facial hair this would be a very slow, uncomfortable treatment. We would therefore not always recommend Electrolysis as a suitable treatment for some body parts but with our extensive knowledge and expertise we can advise and perform the most effective alternative procedures best suited for you.

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